Baumhowers Buffalo Sauce


Baumhower's Mild Sauce

12 fl. oz.

Bring out the best in your favorite foods with Bob's Sauces. Throughout his travels as a college and professional football player and as a restaurateur, Bob developed a love for preparing fine foods with just the righ touch of seasoning. He was inspired to create the perfect sauce that would enhance the flavor of chicken wings, as well as other meat and fish dishes. Made from the finest ingredients, this sauce will give your wings the same zesty, exhilirating taste of Bob's original Wings!

Ingredients: Filtered water, Aged cayenned red peppers, vinegar, salt, spice, garlic powder, liquid margarine, soy and/or canola oil, water, soy lecithin, natural and/or artificial butter flavor, xanthan gum, cottonseed oil, vegetable mono and diglycerides, potassiu sorbate, citric acid, beta carotene, vitamin A palmitate.

Shake Well. Refrigerate After Opening.

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